An experimental drawing collaboration with Marega Palser (aka Mrs. Clark), a multidisciplinary performance artist.

We work together on one large piece paper usually laid out on the floor. The music goes on – our choices are eclectic. We've had a conversation about current issues, things that have happened in the news, or in current projects we're working on. We're both involved in projects that concern the climate emergency. Without knowing the outcome of the drawing, Marega begins with a charcoal mark, then I put an opposite mark down in response. We use our whole bodies and work intuitively, responding to mark-making in this way. Sometimes the drawings are quick. Other times it might take all day to make. Every time we work, there are points when the drawings don't feel ready, so we continue and add layers, or obliterate what's gone on before with paint.

Working in this way is liberating and like a conversation. The process allows us to discover new ways to draw, often with unusual tools – found objects, homemade brushes and sticks. It's playful and we bring what we've learnt into our other work. It's about letting go and seeing what happens, not worrying about perfection or end result.

We first worked together in 2015 on a community arts project called 'Inviting the Neighbours Around to Paint.' The Clarks installed wooden boards on the street, inviting the locals to let their creativity loose with paint and crayons. The result – a multi-layered, textured artwork that was unique, capturing the spirit and energy of the participants.

Since then, we've worked together on many projects including 'Beneath the Surface' (2015) at The Project Space, and most recently in HMP Parc with the 'Creative Roots' (2022 -23) project.