About Me




Recently, I completed an MA (Arts Practice, Arts Health and Wellbeing, with Distinction). My background is Fine Art, (Printmaking & Photo-media) and I am a self-taught painter. After working as an embroidery and print designer for many years, I taught digital illustration at the University of South Wales. 

I began to move towards participatory arts after I moved to Wales in 2004 - I discovered a passion for delivering arts projects which have the effect of inspiring others to be creative. During 2022-3, I was a creative lead on 'Unearthing Creativity' - a collaboration with Creative Lives and Age Cymru, funded by the Arts Council of Wales.
Part of this work involved developing a series of prompts called 'Gateways into Creativity' which are designed to support anyone getting back into making art, or for anyone who doesn't think that they are 'arty' or creative - but wants to try something new. The ones I designed are: no.4 creative-walking;  no. 7; 8; 11; 12; 13; 14; 15


Marion in Venice