Portraits, technology and our relationship to our changing environment are recurring themes in Marion's paintings. The restless spirit of Newport and the River Usk edge their way into in her work.

Remaining distinctive even though re-inventing her working methods, she challenges the boundaries of her practice. Currently engaging community groups as a lead artist – to create 'Maindee Stories' – Marion aims to re-connect people to previously forgotten skills and in doing so, forge stronger links with their communities.
Collaborating with experienced designers and embroiderers, memories are associated to  places through the narrative quality of embroidery and textiles.

Issues of migration, social histories and personal stories are explored through interviews and visualisation, Marion uses her art practice to transform perceptions as well as ourselves.


Marion is also part of Human Nature, an organisation that champions the work of artists taking on the challenge of interpreting the modern world’s confrontational relationship with nature.



Maindee Stories is made possible by The New Paths Fund, which is part-funded by The Arts Council of Wales and Maindee Unlimited.