ARTS CYMRU QUALITY PRINCIPLES I was commissioned by Arts Cymru to produce a series of paintings for the launch of the new Quality Principles website. The brief specified communicating 3 concepts: 

Artist's Intention, Activity, People.
In response to the brief, I developed the series produced for 'Beneath The Surface' into new work by thinking of structural lines as dynamics; using imagery such as 'the mountain' to suggest the artist's intention; changing the colour palette to create a feeling of space; applying textured, weathered surfaces onto re-claimed wooden boards to suggest the passage of time.

Inspired by the Japanese art of Kintsugi, (broken objects mended by a mixture of gold leaf which honour their history to create unique objects, celebrating their imperfections) The use of gold leaf runs throughout the series, representing quality which underpins the whole concept of Arts Cymru's Quality Principles.

Dimensions: 30cm* 30cm, Acrylic, paper collage, image transfer, Japanese rice paper, gold leaf.